DIY Christmas Gift Tags

I was reading Yummy magazine’s December issue when I saw an article featuring Baker’s Twine, sold locally by Hey Kessy. They in turn write about the feature in their blog, and as it turns out, that’s not the only thing they’re selling – they also have paper straws, stickers, and washi tape!

Washi tapes are adorable, decorative Japanese paper tapes that can be used in a variety of craft projects:

Hey Kessy has nine Christmas designs available and I picked the Christmas presents-themed one. I also bought some baker’s twine and a non-holiday washi tape featuring leafy magentas. Payment and delivery took no time at all, and from ordering online to getting it on my doorstep, it took about 2 days. Pretty fast and hassle-free.

Now, to be honest, I’m not the most DIY person in the world, or even in my family; that title belongs to my mom, who has helped me through countless home economics projects. So it was honestly a big challenge for me to embark on my first crafting project: homemade Christmas tags using my Hey Kessy purchases.

Here’s how they turned out. I used old gift cards, a puncher, baker’s twine / red ribbon, and washi tape. Nothing fancy as the ones above, but not bad if I do say so myself.

my first DIY Christmas gift tags

my first DIY Christmas gift tags

color coordinated, I love it.

color coordinated, I love it.

How was your first DIY crafting project? And do you have suggestions for other ways to use washi tape and baker’s twine? Feel free to share!


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