Review: Shell Lego Ferrari collection

I’m not a car fan, but I grew up with Lego. And I love Lego. I still remember how my brother and I spent countless hours building Lego models to specification – and when we grew bored, we would tear them down and build custom sets of our own. That’s the thing I love about Legos: it develops both your ability to build according to instructions as well as your imagination.

So when late this year Shell came out with an exclusive Ferrari collection, I knew I had to have it. It’s been years (decades!) since I last played with those brightly-colored blocks, but the excitement was there, no matter how deeply buried it was underneath the motherly excuse of “I’m buying them for my daughter.” Note that she’s about three years old, so she’s of Duplo (that’s Lego for toddlers) age, so yes I was kidding myself.

Shell, as technical partners of Ferrari, have teamed up with the LEGO Group to bring you six exclusive models. All are powered by revolutionary Micro-Propulsion engines. So get down to your nearest Shell Service Station and start building today. The race is on.

The collection is made up of six Ferrari cars (one truck), and the seventh is actually the three mini-figures (Lego people?) that you see in the pictures below.

As said, I’m not a car fan so I’m sharing the description of the models below from missyblurkit:

  • Scuderia Ferrari Truck – This familiar transport truck is a key part of the Ferrari motor racing team and brings another dimension to the exclusive model collection. Check out the realistic details on the lights, radiator and front grilles!
  • Ferrari F150° Italia – A LEGO® Group reproduction of the race winning 2011 F1™ car includes the options to change the livery to that of either Felipe Massa or Fernando Alonso.
  • Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto (SWB) – A real legend of the motoring world. Not only one of the most beautiful vehicles ever created, but also the first Ferrari road car to use disc brakes. Its distinctive round headlights work seamlessly in LEGO® bricks, mirroring the beauty of the original.
  • Ferrari F40 – One of the most recognisable sports cars of all time. Its classic aero-dynamic form and distinctive square rear spoiler are both instantly identifiable and are translated perfectly with LEGO® bricks.
  • Ferrari FXX – The latest high-performance racing evolution of the Ferrari Enzo, one of the most powerful cars in the world. The LEGO® version comes in black livery and reflects much of the Ferrari FXX’s sleek styling.
  • Ferrari 458 Italia – Arguably the most iconic car in the current Ferrari range, making it a natural choice to be part of this promotion.

The assembly instructions were pretty easy to follow, and once you build the first one you get the hang of it. Stickers are provided as well as extra pieces, which I thought was nice. The Shell station where I got my first set provided me with a racing “mat” as seen in the above pictures.

I’m pretty sure Shell made a lot of people happy with this collection, as it brought back lots of good memories – and possibly, opportunities for new ones to be made – for Lego fans, for those who once played with Lego, or for parents who want to build the models with their kids.


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