Inspiration for: Toddler Food: Tuna Patties

One of my 2013 resolutions is to cook healthier food for my daughter. I still personally make her snacks for toddler school and, as much as I can, oversee what she eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not an easy job, but it’s rewarding to know that my daughter isn’t into junk/fast food (though how she loves french fries and fried chicken!). One of my highlights as a chef/mother was actually seeing that she liked roasted chickpeas with parmesan, without my having to convince her to eat it – other than calling them “little fries”!

So in line with my resolution, I’m scouring the internet for healthy toddler recipes. There are tons out there, believe me, but my criteria will, I hope, narrow it down somewhat. My basic criteria is that it has to be easy for me to make. Easy means the ingredients are readily available – nothing that calls for exotic, hard-to-find, or even too expensive ingredients. It has to be ready to make in under an hour – anything more and I don’t find it worthwhile to make. It has to have an option to freeze for later use or last a few days in the fridge. And lastly, it has to be palatable not just for my daughter, but for me as well – so that extra servings can be turned into lunch for me!

With that in mind, here is the first recipe for 2013. Tuna patties, also known as tuna fishcakes or tuna burgers, are definitely easy to make, healthy, simple, affordable, delicious and freezer-friendly.

They’re great for lunch or dinner and can be an alternative to meat burgers. Fried or baked right, they have a nicely crunchy exterior which should be a hit with kids. They are lactose- and nut-free too.

Tuna patties can be served with salad greens, steamed mixed vegetables, in between burger buns, baked potato chips or wedges, or simply with yoghurt sauce. Here in the Philippines, it’ll likely be served with steamed rice.

That made me think of a Japanese twist: how about some tuna-tofu miso mini burgers served with…

some yaki onigiri grilled rice balls?


As with meat burger, there are endless ways to customize the basic tuna patty recipe. There is one that calls for dill, tomato sauce, and ketchup; one with wholemeal flour and skin-on potatoes; one suggests using mashed kumura, broccoli, or pumpkin; and another suggests peas. Alternatively, here’s a salmon fish cake recipe where tuna can be substituted nicely.

One variation I saw that I thought was pretty interesting was tuna patties made with rice instead of potatoes; and tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, and sour cream. It’s called tuna rissoles (recipe here).

Here are my recipe references – these are the “basic” recipes:

Phew, that’s a lot of recipes to go through! I’m excited to give one or all a try, and will post once I have results!


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