My organic, natural anti-mosquito arsenal

anti-mosquito arsenal

anti-mosquito arsenal

As I previously wrote, my daughter had recently gotten mosquito bites on her legs. Apparently it’s usual for kids to not notice mosquitoes biting them – until the bites get inflamed and really, really itchy. Trying to stop her from scratching them was a losing battle (and an indication of how stubborn she could get – yikes). It got so bad that the skin broke open, the bites became wounds, and now – weeks later – the wounds have left dark scars on her legs.

This week she got three bites again, despite using citronella lotion and using an anti-mosquito spray in our room. The bites are now in the swollen and itchy stage, and as a mother, I’m now waging war against mosquitoes. Aside from respraying the room and more regular application of the citronella lotion, I’ve also stocked up on:

  • Mommy Patch Anti-Mosquito Repellent Gel (PHP160): similar to an air freshener, you open the jar and leave it inside the room overnight, making sure to put it in a place where the mosquitoes like to hang out (they suggest under the bed or in the dark corners, but I leave it beside my bedside table). It can also be used in the car. When not in use, just close the lid, and the product is going to last for months.
  • Mommy Patch Anti-Mosquito Rescue Patches Pack (PHP220 for 10pcs): these are self-adhesives that you can stick to your clothes, which makes it less messy and sticky than lotions or sprays. They can also be stuck to any area or surface where you don’t want mosquitoes. The great thing about these patches is that they are effective up to 12 hours, unlike lotions or sprays which you need to reapply every few hours or so.
  • Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray (PHP99.75 for 50ml): I’ve been using this for awhile now and so far I’m satisfied, but I also wanted to check what else is in the market for natural, organic anti-mosquito products. This has citronella as well as rosemary, lemongrass, and lavender which makes it smell really nice. I apply it on my daughter’s exposed skin (feet, arms, neck) but mostly I put it on her clothing.
  • Human Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield (PHP94.75 for 50ml): I’ve been using the HN Bug Spray but wanted to try their bug shield as well, as I’ve seen some reviews that say this is more effective. It’s also citronella-based but is in lotion form, whereas the bug spray is in oil form which some may not necessarily like – so this is a good alternative to the bug spray.
  • Messy Bessy DEET-Free Insect Repellent (PHP135 for 250ml): this is a lovely-smelling spray that you can use on skin as well as clothes, furniture, drapes, and basically anywhere that mosquitoes might go to. You need to reapply every 4 hours or so. Unlike the other products, this one uses andiroba oil rather than citronella. I’ve always been a fan of Messy Bessy products so I thought to give this one a try too.

So there you go. It’s been two days since I started using the gel, patch, spray and repellent (I haven’t used the bug shield yet) and so far, no new mosquito bites. I’ve also used ice on the existing bites to reduce the swelling, followed by calamine lotion for the itchiness. Band-aids keep her from picking or scratching on them as well.

For other parents out there, what products do you use to keep your children bite-free?

Where to buy:

Mommy Patch multiply site

Human Nature online shopping site

Messy Bessy online site (note: their website seems to be currently down, so here’s a link to their Facebook page as well)


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