Ombre hair disaster, averted

I’m pretty boring when it comes to my hair choices. This is probably due to a crazy idea I had to have wild curls for my high school prom – which made me look like Annie, and looking like a little girl during prom is not a good idea. The only milestones in my hair history are 1) cutting my hair into a chin-length bob during college; and 2) trying digiperm a few years back.

Cut to a few days back when I had the crazy idea to try ombre hair. If you have not heard or seen ombre hair by now, a google search would quickly tell you more about it. Basically, your hair looks like it has been dip-dyed into a different (typically lighter) color – which can range from a few steps lighter than your natural hair color, to reds and blues and pinks.

Now, having no history with dyeing my hair – and having had highlights done probably once in my entire life – I chose a subtle, not too out there, barely noticeable color. I brought with me pictures that were close to the idea I had in my head:


ombre2, I'm not obsessed with Mila Kunis

…no, I’m not obsessed with Mila Kunis

As you can see, the “dip-dyed” part is, at best, a medium brown shade. This is what I showed the hairstylist. He told me that I was the first to request for subtle ombre hair, and suggested we use a shade lighter so that the highlights would show and it wouldn’t be a waste. A shade lighter sounded alright to me, and not one to waste money, I gave him the go ahead.

This is how it turned out:

I have nothing against Rachel Bilson.

I have nothing against Rachel Bilson.

I was panicking inside but I kept my cool when he asked what I thought about it; I simply said, “I’m not used to it!”. I said I’d give it a try, paid for the services, and left. By then it was getting dark, so I really didn’t see the full effect of the ombre-fied portion until this morning, in broad daylight. I knew I had to have it fixed – or else I would cut my hair off.

Here’s where I have to applaud the salon for their excellent customer service. I called them up, explained that I wasn’t happy with the result, and wanted to come back and have it darkened. They told me to come in the afternoon. It took half an hour, inclusive of applying the darker shade, rinsing, and blowdrying, but I have finally achieved the color I wanted.

Okay, so perhaps I exaggerate when I say “disaster”; some girls can effortlessly pull off the shade I got at first, and not look ridiculous or weird. I just felt that it wasn’t my style and I couldn’t pull it off. I didn’t want to have a hairstyle that was stylish or trendy yet be completely uncomfortable with it. And if I hadn’t called up the salon, or if they didn’t care about customer satisfaction, then I’d have been left miserable – thinking I had wasted my time and money, and probably swearing never, ever to do this again.

Have you taken any risks before when it comes to your hair – and was it a success or no? Do share!


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