Haven’t had enough of mac and cheese yet? Here’s some more…

My previous post seems to be well-timed as Huffington Post Taste recently posted an update to their collection of recipes that put a twist on the classic mac and cheese. Totaling 38 recipes in all, including a “Civil War” mac and cheese (or the author’s interpretation of the 1861 guidelines); a Mexican, Greek, and Mediterranean mac and cheese; a 3-cheese, 5-cheese and a many-cheese; a lobster mac and cheese; a white truffle mac and cheese; a Basic, an Ultimate, and a Perfect mac and cheese. You literally can have one recipe for every day in a month, and then some.

I’ve already tried the butternut squash m&c as well as the white truffle m&c, and am interested in trying the peas and bacon, and the beer, m&c.

Oh goodness, it’s a little past midnight over here and I’m craving for some mac and cheese!


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