Why I started this blog

On a personal note…

Even before I started to blog late last year, I love writing. I joined the grade- and high- school paper as a Features writer, and eventually editor, writing news and features articles and – on occasion – a short story or a poem. In college I got hooked into a different form of writing: online Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) role-playing games, where – rather than clicking on buttons or using preset commands – I had to write what my character was going to do or say, and I could get creative as I get.

When I started working I joined multiply.com and would sometimes write a blog entry, reviewing a movie or a restaurant, or commenting on some topic in general. That slowly died a few years back when the amount of hours in a day remained the same while my priorities increased. I got married and had a beautiful daughter, and my passion became capturing her in film (and it still is; I have more than five thousand pictures and videos of her, and counting). At work, I started to focus on technical writing at work, creating design and process documentation, and then when I shifted roles, I wrote really good, really professional emails. (Trust me, they’re really good.)

A year or two ago, I started to take up food photography using my iPhone. I would take pictures of food I cooked or ate in a restaurant. I wanted to write detailed descriptions of my experiences, but still had the problem of not having enough time. Twitter, while effective in encapsulating a thought in brief, didn’t help; I no longer had to think deeply of what I wanted to say, in fact had to consciously curtail it to keep to the 160-character limit.

So late last year I had some time to think about my evolving roles in life and the wealth of things I could share with the world (or, at the very least, commemorate by posting on the Internet). If it seems like I’m capturing the entire market and not specializing on one or two interests, that is true; I do have a lot of interests, and perhaps at some point I’ll narrow it down, but for now they’re written as they’re ripe for writing (I wanted to say as they’re experienced, but I had been thinking of writing about past experiences, so…).

I got so excited that I opened an account on wordpress.com, tumblr.com, and blogspot.com. At first I uploaded my entries to all three but in the end it was easier, for me, to use WordPress. Twenty-odd something posts later, here I am, writing about what brought me here.

So here’s to interests and creative inspiration, to passions and finding time to capture an experience in words. Cheers to those who decided to blog, and still do; and here’s to hoping that, so long as I have great (and not so great, even awfully bad) experiences, they find their way into this blog.


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