Review: Korean Face Masks

When people talk about Korean beauty, one mental image comes to mind: someone with fair, poreless, flawless and glowing skin.

kinda like her.

The secret seems to be with how conscientious they are of taking care of their skin. Well, it’s not a secret anymore really; in fact, Korean beauty rituals, from skincare products to cosmetics, are now internationally known. Take, for example, the use of face packs, masks, or sheets.

Face masks are typically made of a cotton-pulp material, cut in the shape of a face, with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. They’re infused with anything from botanicals like lemon and pomegranate extracts, to exotics as Jeju prickly pears and caviar (!), addressing different types of concerns as cleansing, moisturizing, brightening, and pore-tightening.

I love masks for their convenience: simply take them out of their pack, lay over your face, wait a few minutes (or until it has somewhat dried) and discard. That’s it! There may be some remaining solution in the package, which you can use on your face.

They’re pretty inexpensive too, with prices ranging from about PHP50 – PHP250 per piece. This has the unintended (or intended?) effect of me buying more than one whenever I step into one of the Korean beauty stores here in Manila.

Here is my latest haul…

I generally go for ingredients I know – so none of the exotics, for now – as my skin is quite sensitive and I would hate for it to have an adverse reaction. Also, I generally look for masks that have brightening and oil-controlling properties (unfortunately for me, I still have oily skin and dark spots!).

From Nature Republic:

  • Green Tea: keeps skin healthy and radiant
  • Rice: brightens the skin with rice extract
  • Snaytox: anti-wrinkling mask infused with snake venom peptide, retinol and Goji berries (note: this was a freebie when I went to Korea – I’m so afraid to use it, haha!)

Note: Nature Republic Philippines is on sale this month! Buy 1 take 1 for their Beevenom (PHP100), Vita C (PHP135), The First (PHP150), and Snail (PHP300). I may have just found the best excuse to drop by their store again.

From Etude House:

  • Lemon: brightens and clarifies skin tone
  • Pearl: promotes natural skin glow
  • Aloe Moistfull: enriched with Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe to provide refreshing and comforting hydration to dry, irritated face
  • 3D Princess Masks with Red Wine and Milk & Honey: for pore minimization. I honestly bought this and the next one mostly because of the cute packaging. (I realize I won’t become a princess with this, though.)
  • It’s Real Mask Sheet with Carrot: for brightening care
  • Essence Mask Vitamin C: also for brightening

Note: I got a Membership Card due to my mask purchases (the card is free with minimum PHP500 purchase). This allows you to earn rebates from future purchases. Also, help them reach 200K likes in their Facebook Page and they will have a 20% discount on all items in all their branches.

From The Face Shop:

  • Real Nature Mask Lemon: contains extracts grounded from 1000mg fresh lemon; for brightening
  • Real Nature Mask Rice: an exfoliating/complexion improvement mask sheet to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin
  • Thinking of getting their Hyaluronic Acid and Oriental Herb Mask sheets

Do you have  a favorite face mask? Feel free to share!


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