A Nature Republic haul

I really shouldn’t be buying any more face masks because I still have a lot. They are individually sealed, though, so nothing gets spoiled; but 1) they do have expiry dates (at least some of the ones I bought have), and 2) I don’t like stocking up (anymore) on cosmetics and skincare products.

Anyway. I came across a Nature Republic store when I was – ahem – just walking around the mall one day, and I went in and the rest is history.

Essential Solution Vita-C face masks (buy 1 get 1 @ PHP135 each): I love Vitamin C based skincare products, as I’m really after brightening my skin (I have a lot of dark spots from past acne and lack of regard for sun protection). Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, fights free-radical damage, boosts radiance, promotes skin elasticity and encourages collagen production. I badly need all of its benefits!

Hmm! I don’t recall what this is, the pine tree mask sheet if I recall correctly? Will need to rummage through my mask sheet collection.

100% Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff with Red Charcoal: This was a last-minute purchase – literally – as I was on my way to the counter when I passed by the display of these products. My husband thought they were food. Well, despite having jelly in its name, this is actually a cleansing puff for the face. You simply wet it (do NOT use it dry! It’s a little bit too harsh without water), add your facial cleanser, and use very gently all over your face in circling motions. The puff isn’t a perfect sphere: there is a flatter side which is I suppose used for general areas of your face, while the rounder side (the dome/curved side?) can be used to reach the sides of the nose, for example. At least that’s how I used it. I bought the puff that has Korean red clay in it which is supposed to be good for oily skin, though it comes in two other variants, charcoal (for deep cleansing and purifying) and vegetable (for PH balancing).

Given By Nature Tea Tree Mask Sheet: this is supposed to keep the skin smooth and blemish-free. A natural antiseptic, tea tree is well-known for drying out blemishes and preventing excess oiliness. When I was in college, tea tree didn’t work for me at all; but that was then and I’m the type of person to give others a second chance, so I thought, why not?

Given By Nature Green Tree Mask Sheet: I like drinking green tea. I like the scent of green tea. And green tea has a whole lot of benefits not just for the skin, but for one’s entire well-being. But let me concentrate on the former. Green tea fights free radicals, neutralizes UV light, prevents skin cancer, regenerates skin cells, fights inflammation, soothes acne, and lightens skin. It’s almost like a miracle product, right? Obviously, these are probably achievable through long-term use and not just with one face mask application, but you gotta start somewhere.

Fresh Farm Foam Cleanser in Apple: I was given a choice of the Peach or Apple variant of this cleanser as a freebie with my purchases, and I chose the latter. I haven’t started using this yet as I’m almost done with my current cleanser, and wanted to finish it before using another brand.

So there you go, and I cannot promise that the next time I go into the mall, I’ll come out with another haul to blog about. But do feel free to share your own latest haul, as next to writing about my own, I love reading about that of others!


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