Swatches and Photos: Eye of Horus Liners

I have previously raved about the Eye of Horus haul that I received. I’ve just been looking for some free time to play with them and experiment – and it really will be an experiment, because my eyeliner experience has been quite limited! I usually go for subtle, natural makeup looks, so to suddenly have 5 eye liners – with one of them in a vibrant teal color – is really a step up for me. Finally last weekend I found the time to play and take pictures.

Here’s a swatch of the liners:


The above picture is taken in daylight, and the liners are (from L to R): bronze, teal, natural smokey, charcoal, and liquid. As you can see they’re very, very pigmented. The natural smokey and liquid liner produce the blackest black, and the charcoal is a deep gray. The bronze shows up as more of a dark brown for me with slight shimmer. The teal has a little bit more sheen than the bronze.

And here they are in the shade:


Now here they are when applied. I didn’t have my eyeshadows handy when I took pictures, and my eyebrows are a mess (I still plan on using the Benefit Brow Bar discount certificate that I got from my December GlamourBox – soon), so forgive me for that!


The liquid eyeliner is easy to use and correct (and trust me, I made a lot of mistakes). Between the pencils and the liquid eyeliner, the latter was the easiest to remove with water.


The bronze liner doesn’t quite show up on my eyes, perhaps because of my skin tone (I’m a medium). It’s very subtle. Can you tell that I have it on my lids?


Here’s the teal liner. It’s such a bright burst of color that should be perfect for summer. I’ll probably use it in more subtle ways, though.

There you have it. According to the EoH goddesses, there are new products being planned for this year, such as a green-and-gold pencil and shadow palettes… so excited! In the meantime, do check (and purchase!) their current product line over at the Eye of Horus online store.


2 thoughts on “Swatches and Photos: Eye of Horus Liners

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