Review: Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

BB Creams. There are so many types out there, with some brands even having an extensive number of variants. And even before the bb cream craze starts to wane, there are now also cc creams in the market. It’s just hard to pick which one to buy or use. Considering that I have mostly not so good results when it comes to bb creams, I wish each of the brands had a trial kit – I believe Skin79 and Dr. Jart+ have sampler sets, but not all brands out there have it.

Anyway, I was browsing in Beauty Bar a few days ago and this really cute display caught my attention:


Fairydrops has already gained popularity in the Manila beauty scene – just Google it and you’ll find a lot of raves for their products, both for their packaging and quality. I was intrigued by their mascaras, but I was road-testing four already so I found myself looking at their other products. I decided to go with their Candy Bar BB Cream.


It’s so aptly named. As you can see, it literally looks like a candy bar of sorts. The white-and-pink packaging was pretty, though – and I’m very OC about the cleanliness of my things – it gets dirty really easily. (Mine now has beige smudges from the bb cream.) So be careful especially when you use your fingers to apply this product, as I do.


When you open the cap, you’ll see a built-in sponge applicator; remove that, and you’ll see the spout where the product actually comes out. You’ll need to squeeze the body to get the product out – in my experience, be careful when you do this as squeezing too hard might cause a spurt and ruin a white shirt (sadface for clumsy me). What works for me is – while it’s closed – give it a few shakes to bring the product close to the tip – then open it, and gently, slowly squeeze.

You can either use the sponge or get the product directly from the tip. When you use the sponge, you’ll need to squeeze out enough product to saturate it – which might mean you’re using more product than will end up on your face. So if you’re economical like me, use the spout instead.


I’m a medium, so I got the Ochre shade. (The other available shade is Light Ochre.) They both have yellow undertones which works great for me. I use about a pea-size amount and apply with my fingers. A pea-size amount is a decent amount; I dot it all around my face, concentrating on the areas where I need more coverage, then blend.

I would classify this as providing light to medium coverage, as with most bb creams. The dark spots on my cheeks were still faintly visible. Concealer would be advisable for spots and dark circles under the eyes. (Speaking of which, any concealer recommendations out there?)

What I really love about this bb cream is the fact that it lasts hours. I usually need to blot literally an hour after applying makeup, and every hour after that, but I didn’t need to do that. I also didn’t need to retouch it. In fact I went to work without bringing the “candy bar” – my lipstick faded but the bb cream didn’t.

At PHP1,550 it is a little bit costly, especially compared to other bb creams, but I do believe this is a quality product and the fact that I didn’t have a horrible experience with it (quite the opposite in fact) makes me believe this is a good buy. I will keep using it and maybe even repurchase when I finish it (which is probably months down the line, as I only need a pea-sized amount a day and I don’t use makeup everyday!). Also, I might try out the Fairydrops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder which could be used either alone or on top of the bb cream like a setting/finishing powder.

Have you tried Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream yet? Let me know what you think of it!


2 thoughts on “Review: Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

  1. I have tried it! Did a review recently. 😀 Agree with everything you said especially the squirting part! Hehe. Nice stumbling into your blog.

    • Hi Liz! I saw your review (I regularly follow your blog). Funny how we both had a white-shirt experience – unfortunately for me, the stain on my shirt seems permanent. Still like this bb cream though, hehe.

      Thank you for dropping by! Cheers!

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