Review: LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base in Highlight

Thanks to GlamourBox’s January box, I now have a full-sized version of LA Splash’s Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base, a multi-functional product in a universally flattering shade.

To be honest I have not heard of LA Splash before. Looking at their website, it seems the company has been around since 1996, and they cater to the trendy, hip, modern and fashion-forward consumers. To be the preferred cosmetics brand for this market means that they need to offer a wide selection of products and colors/shades – which they do, with 92 colors (and 3 formulations) available for their Lip Lacquer™ (lip gloss); 100 colors (and 3 formulations) for their Lid Splash™ (liquid eyeliner); and 220 colors for their Eye Sparkle™ (eye shadow).

Now, their creamy shadow base comes in 5 colors – which I thought was already a good array to choose from (of course, I’m the type to not typically use a shadow base; so to have one is more than enough for me!). Aside from Highlight, there are two other nude highlighting shades (Nude and Illuminating), a Smoky charcoal base which can be used for a perfect smoky eye (I’m already thinking of pairing this up with the Eye of Horus liners and mascara), and a Glitter base for some extra sparkle. These shadow bases can be used alone, or can be layered beneath eyeshadow.

The color is a creamy light-pink, light-beige for me, neutral enough to work on most skin tones – and to be used on its own when doing a no-makeup look. (Nude, I believe, is a little more brown/bronze, while Illuminating is more sand/beige.) It has a creamy consistency at the start which dries to a powdery finish. The shimmer is there but not too obvious, stopping at just giving the skin a nice glow – although on my oily skin, it tends to “run”, i.e. in a few hours, there are sparkly bits around my eyes.

Aside from being a standalone or layered shadow base, the Highlight shade is perfect as an allover face highlighter. Use on the temples, the top of cheek below the eye, chin, and bridge of the nose, under makeup to provide a sheer wash of color. I’m thinking that it can also be used with clear lip balm, gloss, or Vaseline as a custom lip shimmer; or over lipstick, strategically dotted on the Cupid’s bow and center of the bottom lip, to give the lips some subtle highlight. Finally, why not try mixing with clear nail polish for your very own sparkly nail color?

At $6.99 (or PHP400 if you buy from the Glamourbox website), this is an affordable product – and for the amount you get, and its many uses, it will be a good purchase. Would I buy it again? Perhaps, if I ever run out of it! Though now that I’ve browsed through the brand’s website, I’m quite interested to see how good their Tamed Brow Pencil & Gel is…



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