Baked Fudge, a follow up

Oh Pioneer Woman, I love you. This is one of the best (deliciously sinful) things I’ve ever baked.

I followed her recipe to the letter except for the ramekins: instead of 4 large ones, I bought 6 small ones at Gourdo’s for PHP35 per piece. I baked them for forty minutes but they seemed a tad too liquidy underneath, so I would recommend going 5-10mins more.

And oh boy, they are sooo delicious.

A scoop of lite vanilla ice cream went on top each still-warm fudge (I figured with all the sugar in the fudge – 1/6 of a cup for each serving! – I ought to get the lite vanilla). They had to be eaten immediately, and together: vanilla and fudge, such a great combination.

I will be making these again, perhaps with less sugar next time. Perhaps brown sugar as a substitute, too? Chopped nuts are also a good addition.

Verdict: A+. My husband loved it. My mom loved it. My daughter, though, had more of the vanilla ice cream than the fudge (which is fine by me).

Ladies and gents, if you’re planning to present your loved one with a homemade Valentine’s dinner, let me recommend this as the perfect ending to your meal.

If you’ve tried it, let me know how it goes!


One thought on “Baked Fudge, a follow up

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