Inspiration for: Toddler (and Hubby!) Food: Chicken Pot Pie



I’m so inspired this week to create this one, because even my husband is excited to eat it!

Chicken pot pie, to me, belongs to the category of comfort food. To be honest I’ve never created it before, for the lazy reason that they seemed too complicated to create (remember: I’m the type of person who likes food that takes under an hour to create, with easy-to-find, less-than-a-dozen-or-so ingredients). But browsing through a couple of recipes, I’m beginning to change my mind.

The fact that I got ramekins to make some Baked Fudge (the results of which I shared here) also meant I could create single-serve pies.

I’m kind of torn on the topping. My daughter likes potatoes, but I do want to give pie crust dough a try. I haven’t had the best luck with creating dough from scratch, though. An alternative for me would be puff pastry which is readily available in the grocery.

There’s some versatility in the filling as well. Vegetables could range from the usual carrot-onion-celery combination, or throw in some broccoli and peas in there as well. I’m thinking mushrooms would be great for texture, too. But the sauce has to be thick and creamy – possibly cheesy as well which I’m sure my daughter will love.



Do you have a tried-and-tested chicken pot pie recipe? Feel free to share below!




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