A Valentine’s Day Post

Up until this morning I was stumped about what to write as my Valentine’s Day post. To be honest, my husband and I don’t celebrate the occasion. When we were in college and dating, we were both too broke to do anything special. Also, I didn’t like flowers. I don’t get the whole flowers thing, really. I told my husband (then my boyfriend) years ago that I didn’t want him bringing me flowers. Chocolates were acceptable, though.

It’s not that I don’t like (or get) celebrating love. I don’t have a problem with other people celebrating it (good for them, in fact!). And it’s quite cute to see malls and stores and restaurants even joining in on the fun, from giving away heart-shaped balloons to free tiramisu for couples dining in today and giving each other a kiss (Pepper Lunch, I’m looking at you). I like reading the slew of articles about Valentine’s makeup looks, about the best gifts to give to your special someone, about the best (and worst, haha) Valentine’s Day experiences. And yes, it does bring a smile to my face to see my friends posting about flowers and other gifts they’ve gotten from their loved ones.

But, in my case, every day is a celebration of love (albeit a quiet one), every day that my husband and I got to spend just the littlest amount of time to talk to each other (in between our busy and opposing schedules), every day that my husband and I got to spend time with our daughter – who is, and forgive the cheesiness of it, the tangible manifestation of our love for each other. That’s how we will probably be celebrating tonight: dinner at home with our daughter, have a little bit of playtime after, then off to bed with her.

Anywho, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and hope you are celebrating it the way you want to!

P.S. sooo I said I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, right? Right. Anyway, I did get my daughter two stuffed penguins, because they’re so cute and because lately, she’s been giggly over the Happy Feet penguins.

P.P.S. also might get those cute Krispy Kreme heart-shaped donuts. Or something healthier.


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