Wishlist: Snoe Beauty


I think I’m beginning to establish a pattern. Every Friday, I like to roundup some things I’ve recently discovered and would love to have – hopefully in the near future!

So, last week I talked about the Snoe Beauty brand and my mini-haul. Now I’d like to share some of their products that I’m planning to buy in my next shopping spree.

1. Oil for All Hair and Skin Premium Beauty Oil (Argan Oil): argan oil is touted to be a wonder oil, with its multiple benefits and uses. Here’s a locally available alternative – I think it’s less expensive but I forgot how much it costs, I believe around PHP800? I’ll probably use this for my skin and hair, though I hesitate to use it on my face despite the numerous claims that it’s good for oily skin, and some even claiming that it can treat acne. Snoe Beauty has a list of recipes using argan oil and other ingredients targeting problems as wrinkles, flaky lips, dry skin, etc.

2. Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil: if it’s not obvious by now, I like multitaskers. This is a cleansing conditioner, conditioner, deep treatment mask, detangler, leave-on treatment, and even shaving cream in one! My current conditioner is about to run out so I can’t wait to get this. The bottle to the right is the Intense PM Repair which contains argan and jojoba oil, which is an overnight treatment to soften and repair hair while you sleep.

3. More Rouge Deluxe lip colors: Snoe Beauty will be releasing more colors soon! I’m thinking of getting Precious Pulp (available) which looks like a lovely rose-pink, and soon-to-be-released Mauve Movement.

What’s on your beauty and skincare wishlist this week? Feel free to share!

Follow Snoe Beauty on Facebook and on Twitter. They have an ongoing contest so make sure to join!


6 thoughts on “Wishlist: Snoe Beauty

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  2. Hi! I have oily type of skin, too, and I’ve been using Argan oil on my face for a month now. I’m very keen about using products on my face because if I tend to break out on non-comedogenic ones. To my surprise, I didn’t break out! Just sharing. 🙂

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