Inspiration for: Toddler Food: Whole Wheat Pancakes

Ahh, pancakes. They’re so easy to make, so filling, yet the regular made-from-the-box ones are so unhealthy and if cooked shoddily, taste little better than cardboard. Done right, though, and mindful of calories, they can be healthy, yummy, toddler food. They’re also great for no-mess, on-the-go breakfasts – not that I favor eating on-the-go, but if your family is on an early trip or have no time for sit-down meals, then these work perfectly.



The basic pancake recipe is open for customization too. Add your favorite fruit (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and peaches) or sweetener (maple syrup and butter, I admit guiltily, is still my favorite combination – but think cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, mini chocolate chips, or even jams and compotes). Savory pancakes are also lovely (I’ve seen a recipe for dill pancakes!) though I tend to stick to the “usual” pancakes.



It’s so tempting to make pancakes from the box, but I thought I’d try to make them from scratch, using whole wheat and choosing the ingredients to cut back on the calories. The recipes I’ve chosen below are for whole-wheat pancakes, with Skinny Taste’s being the healthiest I believe. Alton Brown’s recipe, despite using whole wheat flour, has 2 cups buttermilk and butter so it’s not as healthy. I’ve also noted down a recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes from Recipe Girl.



Do you have a favorite homemade pancakes recipe? Feel free to share!



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