Wishlist: Benefit Cosmetics

I love Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve always associated the brand with having (cheeky) fun with makeup. As they themselves put it, “Their irreverent names, creative packaging, & feel-good philosophy keep the beauty world wondering… ‘what will Benefit do next?!’ One thing’s for sure, it’ll be FUN, … or as Jean and Jane like to say, ‘laughter is the best cosmetic… so grin and wear it!'”

I like browsing through their website and just dream of owning their entire collection. (Hey, dreaming’s free and harmless, right?) If I had to pick just my top three items – items which I don’t currently have but would love to have – I would have to pick the following:

1. The Fakeup Hydrating Crease Control Concealer in Medium ($24): Cover-up goes incognito! This hydrating crease-control concealer – with Vitamin E & apple seed extract – hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. Available in three shades, it’s proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours!*

I’m definitely one of those girls who unfortunately need a concealer to hide dark circles. I have been relying on my Sephora brightening and smoothing concealer, but am definitely interested in trying Benefit’s undereye concealer. It’s great that it does double duty with its hydrating properties.

2. Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Fauxmance, a soft berry ($16): The plushness is poutrageous! Our soft & silky glosses glide on sooo smooth, drenching lips in luscious color that’s never sticky. From crystal clear to hot pink, the luxurious formulas give your lips a kissable, sexy sheen. 

I used to own a couple of Benefit’s Ultra Shines which were indeed shiny, but to me, lacked color payoff. Their new lip glosses promise more color so I’m looking forward to trying them. Currently they only have six shades, one of them clear, and I’m hoping they will be releasing some more soon.

3. Fine One One Sheer Brightening Color for Cheek and Lips ($30): Fine-one-one to the rescue! This sheer brightening cheek & lip color gives your look instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP. Glide on the three shades—pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral—for a sheer coral pink flush that builds from soft & natural to bright & cheery.

I’ve included this in a previous wishlist. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind product that you’d want to have in your makeup kit. I mean, just look at it. The fact that it multitasks is great, and the rose-gold packaging is simply gorgeous.

What are the top three items in your Benefit Cosmetics’ wishlist? I’d love to know!

Benefit Cosmetics is on Twitter and Facebook. Benefit Cosmetics Philippines is also on Twitter and Facebook


One thought on “Wishlist: Benefit Cosmetics

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