Blogger Awards!

Thank you to Dandelion Whiskers for the nomination! The Versatile and Very Inspiring Blogger Awards and the Shine On Award – woot woot!

dandelion whiskers

Yay, I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger and the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards by the lovely Cosmetic Caitlin (who you should follow, if you haven’t already, by the way); a week or so ago, AllThingsBeautyandAshley nominated me for the Shine On Award, too! Thank you for the nominations, it means a lot to me, knowing that people aren’t only reading but appreciating my blog. It seriously makes me giggle, heehee! 🙂

So, to accept the first two nominations, I had to post the first two photos and state 7 things about myself, so here it goes:

1. I am almost always super excited to dress up when I have reasons to get out of the house because I am a freelancer and thus I spend most days in ‘solitude’, with Youtube Vloggers I keep for company.

2. I have been watching too much The Regular Show lately.


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