Whole Wheat Pancakes, a follow up

There’s a book called “Pancakes, Pancakes!” by Eric Carlisle about a young boy named Jack, who wakes up hungry and in want of pancakes. But Jack’s mother doesn’t have all the ingredients at hand, so he has to help get the flour from the mill, egg from the hen, milk from the cow, and so on. Not to spoil the ending but Jack gets he wants in the end: a big pancake served with butter and jam. The narration is lively and the illustrations, vibrant. My daughter loves this book very much to the point of having memorized almost the entire book.

My point is, while I was making the pancakes for breakfast, I was telling the story (a loose version of it; I didn’t have it memorized!) to my daughter. Kind of like hyping pancakes, making her excited to eat them. So that may have played into why she liked the pancakes. Just saying.

The recipe I followed and other sources of inspiration were previously posted here.

They’re incredibly easy to make: add the wet ingredients to the dry, mix until there are no dry spots, and cook about 1/4cup’s worth for each pancake. I served it with butter, jam, and maple syrup. I halved the recipe resulting in 6 pancakes. None remained by the time breakfast was over (my mom and brothers had some, too).

My only complaint is that they were a little too dense for my liking. I like light, airy, fluffy, though thick, pancakes; my husband liked the density, though agreed that the pancakes needed jam else it just tasted plain. I would probably thin it out with some more milk in the future. If I needed a heartier (and less healthy) breakfast, I would serve it with breakfast links (on a side note, I highly recommend Gourdo’s breakfast sausages!) or bacon, and eggs.

I also wanted to mention that I used whole-wheat flour from Bob’s Red Mill. I bought it from Healthy Options. They also have other whole grain mixes specifically used for making pancakes and waffles, as seen above. They have the 7-grain, 10-grain, and high-fiber variety. They’re priced at around PHP235-249 per bag which I thought was just too much for a bag of flour, so I opted just to get the whole-wheat flour which I can use for other purposes.

Do you have a favorite pancake story or recipe? Feel free to share below!


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