Review: K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer

My makeup routine is pretty simple. I usually rely on a tinted moisturizer, bb cream, or light foundation to even out my complexion whenever I choose to wear makeup. But because they’re lightweight, their coverage is medium at best. Sure, on a normal day they’re fine (I really don’t want to look too made up) but when I just need a little bit more coverage than usual, a concealer is needed.

Enter K-Palette’s concealer, which I got last month – admittedly on impulse, but I justified it by telling myself that I didn’t have any concealer in my makeup collection – but only got to try it out last weekend.

I love the “bear to the rescue” in the packaging. He looks like he’s determined to solve a real emergency! I have no idea what all those Japanese characters mean, but thankfully, the distributor included an English description/guide at the back, which has proven quite helpful (and I’m the type of person who likes reading ingredients list, product “blurbs”, etc.):

Did you notice that it contains skin-friendly, hydrating ingredients as well as Hyaluronic Acid-A, Collagen, and Rose Water? It appears that the 01 Natural Beige shade is primarily intended to be used as a hydrating undereye concealer. I still prefer my Sephora brightening concealer for that purpose; I bought K-Palette’s concealer specifically for my dark spots. Meanwhile, 02 Yellow Beige targets uneven skin tones, while 03 Orange Beige is for dark circles and poor blood circulation.

I remember thinking, “Hmm, this couldn’t be the Natural Beige,” when I squeezed the product out of the slanted tip. It seemed to have some orange-y undertones, and the words that came to mind were Salmon Pink. But as I blended it out, the orange seemed to fade somewhat, coming close to matching my skin tone.

The consistency is on the creamy side, not runny at all, and quite thick. The amazing thing is though that it’s spreadable. The teeny amount in the picture above was enough to spread over my cheeks, jawline and chin, and even my temples. This is going to last me for a long time!

This concealer is recommended to be used on top of a base foundation, but under a powder foundation. I don’t really have two foundation types so I used the concealer over bare skin then dusted powder over it to set it and prevent oiliness. It offered good coverage without looking unnatural. It stayed put, though I did have to touch up on the powder after a few hours.

Overall I am impressed with this concealer and would recommend it to anyone who has spots to conceal or dark under eye areas to lighten. At PHP895 it’s not the cheapest concealer out there, but with its quality and results – as well as its skin benefits and “a little goes a long way” property – I believe it’s still value for your money.

Have you tried K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer? Share your thoughts here!

K-Palette is available in Beauty Bar stores in the Philippines. Link up via Facebook or Twitter.


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