Wishlist: Canmake Tokyo Cosmetics

I have to admit, I’m a bit late when it comes to having an appreciation for drugstore Japanese cosmetic brands. I know, or have used, brands like Shu Uemura, Kanebo, and Shiseido, but I’ve never really tried their “mass market” products. Just recently I’ve gotten my hands on Fairydrops and K-Palette. Next on my list, and on this week’s wishlist: Canmake cosmetics.

What is Canmake?

CANMAKE is a brand endorsed not only by teenage girls and trendy executives, but also professional makeup artists. The reason lies in our consistent concept of ‘cute, high quality and reasonable prices’.

Created by IDA Laboratories Tokyo since 1985, CANMAKE’s fresh and vibrant colours are for the fashion-conscious who value quality cosmetics. Japanese model Lena Fujii is CANMAKE’s current spokesmodel. CANMAKE is available in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore.

My Canmake wishlist:

1. Perfect Serum BB Cream SPF50 PA++: 8 effects in one: Beauty lotion, Beauty serum, Face-pack, Make-up base, Sunscreen, Concealer, Foundation, Time-saving. Contains 21 types of beautifying and moisturizing ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, royal jelly extract, witch-hazel extract, arbutin, Job’s tears extract, Saxifraga stolonifera extract, aloe vera extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, artichoke leaf extract, cherry leaf extract, prune resolvent, seaweed extract, soybean extract, glycosyl trehalose, gingko extract, peach leaf extract, hydrolyzed silk, European white birch bark extract, multiflora rosehip extract. Can be used as concealer, sunscreen, makeup base and foundation. Formulation that’s kind to skin: paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, tar-based pigment-free, fragrance-free.

Okay, that’s quite a mouthful. But what attracted me to this is, firstly, that it’s good for the skin. My skin has gone through a horrible phase in the past when it would just break out with anything I used on it. Since then, I’ve been really careful about what I use on my face. I’m not sure how if this has any oil-control or oil-absorption properties; as far as I know, witch hazel has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbrial, and astringent benefits, but I’ll have to check the other ingredients.

2. Marshmallow Finish Powder SPF 26 PA++: A delicate powder that combines the smoothness of silk and the softness of a marshmallow. Additive-free mineral formulation that’s kind to your skin and can be removed with ordinary facial wash. Formulation that prevents make-up wearing off due to shininess, dullness or dryness. Contains shine-preventing powder. This absorbs sebum, preventing shininess, stickiness and make-up fade. Contains Moisturizing agents (Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract), Toning agents (Horse chestnut extract, perilla (shiso) leaf extract), Emollient agents (Squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil). Contains concealing powder that makes pores and unevenness in skin texture much less noticeable.

Speaking of oil control, here’s one product that promises just that. Beautifully packaged, it looks at par with high-end brands. It’s meant to be used on top of foundation but for my low-maintenance days, I think I can get away with using this and a little concealer underneath.

3. Creamy Touch Rouge: Velvety semi-matte lips. Creamy texture and high color that goes on just the way it looks in the pot. A rouge that creates plump lips that feel great, like chocolate ganache. ● No lamé or pearl particles. Defying the common wisdom that “matte lip colors = dryness”, this keeps your lips moist! Achieves a natural gloss with minimal dazzle or stickiness! ● Smoothness that you’ll feel from the instant you apply it to your lips. You’ll get hooked on the rich, creamy texture and the way it clings to your lips. Superb coverage with no need for concealer! ● Just one coat thoroughly covers your natural lip color. Achieves just the same color on your lips as it appears in the pot. ● Clings tightly to your lips, so will not smudge even if you apply lip gloss over it. Packed with beautifying and moisturizing ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Collagen (Creates a supple protective coat on the surface of your lips and exerts a moisturizing effect), Volumizing complex, Avocado oil (skin-softening effect), and Raspberry extract (moisturizing, astringent, skin-conditioning effect).

I know, I know. I have too many lip products already and I ought to focus more on finishing them rather than acquiring new ones. But the promise of lips that feel like chocolate ganache got me. A moisturizing yet matte lipstick? Challenge accepted!

What are your favorite Canmake products? I’d love to hear from you!

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For more information about their products, visit Canmake’s website. Does anyone know if there’s a local reseller of Canmake cosmetics? 


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