Inspiration for: Cheeseburger Casserole

For this week I’m looking to cook something that has pasta and meat in it. A few posts back I made spaghetti and meatballs for my daughter, who happily had the noodles, sans sauce, sans meatballs. I’m challenged to find a pasta dish that she would want to eat. I’m a bit worried that she’s not getting the right amount of nutrients she should be getting as her diet consists of mostly carbs, due to her love of noodles. I do try to sneak in veggies and protein as much as I could, but wouldn’t it be nice if she ate whole meals?

I’m going to give cheeseburger casserole a shot. I mean, look at how Gina from made this comfort food, which seems so hearty and filling but very healthy. And look at all that (reduced-fat cheddar) cheese!

I’ve also included links to David Venable’s take on it (from the Rachel Ray Show website) as well as Weight Watcher’s own recipe, though my preference goes to SkinnyTaste’s / Bobby Deen’s.

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