Inspiration for: Toddler Food: Roasted Chickpeas

One of the things that my daughter likes for sure is crispy food. French fries and fried chicken – those are among her favorite things to eat, and I’ve managed to find better ways to cook them (i.e. bake or roast as opposed to deep frying). Substituting, however, is a little bit trickier. I’ve tried french carrots, but my daughter knew what they were after a bite and refused to eat them. Same thing with french zucchini. Sweet potatoes, though, were a little bit more successful though it’s hit-or-miss.

It’s thus a surprising and lucky find that I came across this recipe. Roasted chickpeas offer the satisfying crunch of fried food but with much more nutrients: protein, calcium, and fiber. They’re quite versatile, too, in terms of the seasonings you can use to flavor the chickpeas. My personal preference is simply parmesan with a little garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Have you tried roasted chickpeas? Do you have a favorite flavor combination? Do share!

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