What To Do With Used Cosmetics?

For the most part, I try to be sensible about my beauty purchases. I don’t buy makeup that I know, off the bat, I will not use, such as too dark or too light lipstick or colorful eyeshadow. It’s true that I have a sizeable collection of blushes and brushes, but some of those were won in a contest while others were bought during sales.

Sometimes, though, I end up with something that doesn’t work out for me. I give it a few more tries with the hopes that it’ll somehow, magically, work, but to my disappointment, it doesn’t. So it goes into my “to discard” bin and never to be seen again until I find a way to dispose of it. I hate to throw things away, so sometimes I give them away instead.

The items above are currently in the bin. They include:

  • a tube of Maybelline Baby Lips, which I bought hoping for a clear (or almost-clear) balm, but this one unfortunately dries out my lips.
  • a tube of VMV Hypoallergenics Subtle Shine Lipstick in Girl Next Door, which I had previously reviewed; the long and short of it is that it barely shows up on my lips.
  • a sampler lip palette from Ofra Cosmetics, containing shades I didn’t like, and their finish and consistency weren’t favorable either.
  • an Eye of Horus eyeliner pencil in Teal Malachite, which I wanted so much to like but I’m afraid I stick to neutral eye colors, if I even wear eyeshadow or eyeliner at all.
  • and a tube of Eye of Horus mascara, which is an exception, since I really love this mascara, but I got another tube in an updated formula so I have been using that one since.

What’s currently in your “to discard” bin and what do you do with them? Please share!



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