A Snoe Beauty Summer

Summer is absolutely, undeniably here. It’s come to that point again when the sun, almost quite literally, is glaring at you, reminding you to wear your sunscreen. It’s the time for out-of-town trips to the beach or the pool – which is something I never quite understood, because I’d rather go somewhere where there’s snow when it’s melting temperature outside. But my daughter loves swimming and it’s part of tradition for our family to go to the province during Holy Week.

Here are a couple of products that I will be bringing and using:

1. SunTervention Serious Sun Protection sunscreen UVA/UVB SPF80 (PHP799): SunTervention is serious sunscreen that you can wear all-day, everyday. Our special sunscreen formula is quickly absorbed by your skin for serious, tough protection. Prevents skin aging, including lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, breakdown of collagen and elastin, brown spots. Delivers a synergistic UV filtering system with long-lasting broad-spectrum protection to deliver outstanding efficacy against UVA & UVB rays on the skin’s surface.

I have a medium skintone that tans very, very easily and never goes back to its previous shade unless I completely avoid the sun for months. And for some reason, all the previous sunscreens and sunblocks hardly help prevent this. This is the highest SPF I’ve used so far and you can be sure I’ll be slathering this all over and often.

2. Vitamin C-Enriched Calamansi Beauty Bar (PHP139): Organic, using only real calamansi. Citrus Micracarpa or commonly known as calamansi, is a rich source of vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids Whitens dark spots caused by acne, freckles and melasma. Can naturally bleach the dark regions of the body especially the under-arms and inner thigh. Acts as an organic deodorant. A natural astringent that safely eliminates pimples without being harsh to the skin. Active Ingredients: Calamansi Extract, Papain Enzyme, AHA, Vitamin C and E, Cucumber Extract, Goats Milk, High Grade Coconut Oil.

The Sales Assistant told me that this was one of the more potent bars but I figure, I needed all the help I can get. It’s also a backup of sorts in case the sunscreen doesn’t work and a get really tan again. You can read the good reviews about this beauty bar here, here, and here. What’s common though is that it can be incredibly drying, so I’ll need to make sure to follow up with a moisturizing lotion afterwards – which is where the Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Renewal Hand & Body Lotion (which I got from the Glamourbox March 2013 box, reviewed here) comes in.

3. Hair Heroes Texturizing Beach Waves hair spray (50ml, PHP299): Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. This defining spray will bring out the tousled, textured look you can only usually get after swimming in the sea. Your hair will still feel soft to touch but with that added bounce, definition, and a body to die for. The added moringa extract will help give moisture and shine and also help protect and repair your hair against free radicals. You can even use this on dry hair to add texture for that perfect Beach Babe look!

This product has sage, tea tree, peppermint, sea salt, and moringa. It reminds me of the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray which I had been wanting to get for so long, but didn’t have enough to justify its price tag. This is a significantly cheaper alternative. The fact that it has ingredients that will help protect, moisturize, and repair is a plus, as my hair is typically dry (although I rarely bother going to the salon for treatments, I just don’t have enough time or patience for it!).

I’ll be posting more thorough reviews once I’ve used them.

What’s in your summer beauty products list?


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