Inspiration for: Toddler Food: my top three sites

I’m not yet on the level of cooking where I can create my own recipe, so I rely on others who generously share their recipes for amateur cooks like me. There’s a wealth of information out there, certainly, but I find myself frequenting these three sites for inspiration.

1. Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel is a modern-day “mumpreneur” juggling life as a busy working mother of three with a hugely successful career. She has written more than 20 bestselling cookbooks, appears on radio and television, writes regularly for newspapers and magazines, and is the UK’s top author on children’s nutritional issues.

Annabel Karmel’s site has recipes not just for toddlers, but also for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, babies, and children up to 10 years old. Her recipes are uncomplicated and nutritious, as well as nicely presented – as a mom, she knows how much presentation can affect whether or not a kid will try to eat something new! The picture above is for mini cottage pie, suitable for 9-12 months old babies, though I’m going to be cooking this for my (toddler) daughter.

2. SkinnyTaste: features delicious, healthy, low fat, family-friendly recipes. At, you’ll find healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor that can be found in their full-fat origins.  My creations must be both “skinny” and “tasty” because after all, this is the same food I cook on a daily basis for friends and family, and they are some of my toughest critics!

I like her focus on creating healthy food without sacrificing taste. She substitutes low-fat or fat-free versions of ingredients, as in the case of the lightened up shepherd’s pie pictured above which calls for fat-free broth and sour cream, but plenty of vegetables and flavorings.

3. Food-4tots.comThe recipe in this food blog covers mainly on simple, healthy and practical recipes that are suitable for toddlers. (In this case, the recommended age is two and half years old and above). You will also find lots of creative ideas and useful tips on how to introduce nutritious food into your child’s diet. 

I like her belief that kids are not born to be picky eaters; it’s simply a matter of planning and being creative, and I agree with that – though sometimes I wish it didn’t take a whole lot of effort!

Do you have your own favorite sites that inspire your cooking? Do share!


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