Review: Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder

Thanks to a friend who traveled to Singapore recently, I now have this beautifully packaged face powder from Canmake Cosmetics Tokyo.

Create the perfect sweet-looking face that’s as soft and light ♡ as a marshmallow! Achieve a matte finish that conceals pores and hides any unevenness in your complexion. A face powder for finishing your foundation and touching up your make-up through the day. Handy pressed formulation that’s easy to carry in your bag.

The finishing powder comes in two shades, a Matte Ochre and Matte Beige Ochre. The former is the lighter shade. The one that I have is the latter, which suits light to medium skin tones. I wish they had more shades though to accommodate tanned skin.

First impression: what pretty packaging! The shiny bronze/gold with lacy details is simply girly. It definitely stands out from all the other makeup products that I have.

Inside, a clear plastic film separates the compact powder from the puff, which I immediately set aside. Ever since I started using mineral powder, I haven’t really been comfortable using puffs to apply powder. I prefer using my Everyday Minerals brushes, which I did in this case. I find that with brushes, I’m able to control the amount I put on my face – whereas with a puff, there’s the slight chance of overloading it and ending up with too much powder on it (or worse, on my face). With the brush, I swirl it gently over the powder’s surface, give the brush a light tap on my opposite wrist, and lightly buff it over my face, picking up some more product if I want to add some more.

What’s so amazing about this product is that it really does product a soft-focus effect. A layer evens out skin tone and offers light concealing of dark spots and discolorations; another makes it look like your face has been Photoshop-blurred. Pores disappear. Someone has to be standing nose-to-nose with you to see where they went.

It manages to control oiliness, too; and this is so great considering the weather nowadays. I didn’t have to touch up throughout the day, only doing so midday out of habit. As for pore clogging and irritations, I find this product to be mild on my skin – haven’t had any breakouts since I started using this a few weeks back, aside from my usual battle with whiteheads and blackheads on my chin.

It also is quite easy to remove. I’ve mentioned before that I hate having to use makeup remover, and good thing that this didn’t require me to use one.

I would use this to set my bb cream, or on top of concealer, or alone if it’s the weekend and I don’t need (or am too lazy) to wear makeup.

I highly recommend getting this if you can. I’m not sure if there’s a local reseller so am surely going to stock up on this next time I go to Singapore.

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