Charles & Keith handbag and wallet

I suppose I kind of go against the female stereotype of owning one too many bags. I own a number of them, but I normally use three or four on rotation – two for work, and two for casual use. I usually tend to go for the neutral colored bags for work and then bright-colored ones for casual. What I’ve never had, though, was a cream or white bag  – until now.

I was in and out of the Charles & Keith store in under 15 minutes. I wouldn’t really call it impulse buy, but more of love at first sight. (Oh, who am I kidding.)

This cream-colored handbag has three compartments, the main one in the middle having a magnetic button closure, the two on either side having a zipper closure. Only the main compartment has inner pockets which I use for my cellphone and hand sanitizer. It comes with a shoulder strap as an alternative to using it as a handbag. It’s quite roomy (dimensions are 380mm(L)x155mm(W)x270mm(H)) – an iPad can fit snugly in it – though it’s a little bit on the heavy side.

I love how elegant it looks, and how the gold details deter it from being bland. I wish it had outer pockets (I love multipocketed bags in general), but I do see how it can distract from the bag’s overall design.

That was all I wanted to buy, however, I thought that my long black wallet wouldn’t match with this bag, sooo… I bought a wallet.

It has the same cream color as the bag and the same gold accents, although it has more of a rose-gold tone to it. It comes with a detachable chain and wrist strap, too, which I don’t think I’ll be using on a normal day, but I love having the option of transforming the wallet into a clutch with a fashionable wrist strap.

It’s divided into two folds, one (zippered) for bills and coins, and the other (with the leather and triangular rose-gold clasp) for cards and a slot for a picture. Dimensions are 195mm(L)x35mm(W)x95mm(H).

The one final thing I bought as a follow up is a jar of leather cleaning product because I’ve already seen some dirt stains on the wallet (ugh). But, overall, I’m happy with my new bag and wallet!

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4 thoughts on “Charles & Keith handbag and wallet

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