Better Late Than Never: Unboxing: GlossyBox April 2013 box (Work That Beauty)

I got this a few days back but never got around to reviewing it. Life is still pulling me in so many different directions, I haven’t quite gone back to my old routine yet – or established a new one.

The April box is a celebration of the end of winter and the return of the natural makeup look. It’s also about being good to your skin and body. While here in the Philippines we don’t have winter (sadly), the summer theme of this box is every bit as relevant. It actually reminds me of the Green Beauty theme of GlamourBox.

1. ALTERNA HAIRCARE Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (sample size $4.45/0.85fl oz; full size $22/4.2fl oz): a weightless texturizing mist that instantly gives natural, “just back from the beach” waves. Simply spray on damp or dry hair from roots to ends and shape with fingers for loose, tousled style.

I have nearly waist-length hair at the moment, having foregone a haircut for months (a year?) now. Before I take the plunge and cut it down to below-the-shoulder length, I want to play around with having tousled waves, the kind that Kate Hudson always seems to have. I never can quite seem to pull it off, but maybe this mist is just the product that I need.

2. BVLGARI Eau Parfumee au the Blanc Tea Bag for Bath (full size $9.50/0.50oz): Eau Parfumee au the Blanc is a generous and elegant expression of personal indulgence. Relaxing and calming, Eau Parfumee au the Blanc reflects the precious nature of white tea, offering an intimate and luxurious expression of sensory pleasure.

I’m currently using the soap version of this from the GlossyBox February 2013 box. I love, love, love the fragrance!

3. THE HONEST COMPANY Honest Organic Lip Balm (1 stick $3.65; $10.95/pack of three): Honest Lip Balms are made from organic jojoba and oils from olives, sunflowers and coconuts. Tahitian Tamanu oil, rich with Omega 6 & 9, helps restore vitality and boost moisture. Perfect for maintaining happy, healthy lips.

Well, this is my third clear lip balm in the last few months and I’m still finishing up the first. Can’t wait to get to this one though.

4. TIGI COSMETICS Glow Blush in Awaken (full size $22/0.07oz): a soft, baked powder formula that effortlessly provides a glow-from-within effect and looks beautiful on all skin tones.

This is a lovely rose with peach undertones and I can’t wait to try it. This was the first product announced to be included in the box and didn’t fail to catch my attention.

5. WASH WITH JOE Coffeemint Invigorating Body Wash (sample size $1.75/1.0fl oz; full size $28/16 fl oz): this body wash contains an invigorating blend of coffee and mint that helps revitalize and balance the body and the mind while keeping skin superbly clean.

One more bath product in the box. But in contrast to the light, luxurious scent of the Bvlgari tea bath bag, this one is a wake-me-upper. Will this do the trick of waking me up in the morning? I’ll have to find out.

BONUS: LE METIER DE BEAUTE Replenishing Daily Solution (sample size $13.26/0.10oz; full size $225/1.7oz): this rich, emollient formula protects, conditions and hydrates while it nourishes, rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin, restoring a healthy suppleness to your skin.

Ah, Le Metier de Beaute makes another appearance. While I love getting samples of high-end products (a.k.a. products that I would never buy the full size of), unfortunately this seems to be targeted for aging, dry skin due to its thick consistency. My aging, oily skin likes only light, water- or gel-based products, otherwise it just seems to clog my skin. This will probably end up being used as an anti-aging hand cream for me.

Overall, I like the box, but not as ecstatic over it as, say, the January box. I’ll be using all the products though not right away as I have a small product queue going (my backlog is horrendous; at the rate I’m going, I’m considering giving already away some items). But this box is definitely value for money as the price of the products more than make up for the $22.87 subscription (with tax) and mail forwarding fee.

How did you like the GlossyBox April 2013 box? Share your thoughts below!


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